[video] Keraba’s Story

Not related to Dublin at all, but I wanted to post this video that has just been launched, number 2 of 5 that I’ve been editing from the trip to Senegal this past summer.

This was an interesting one to film and edit, we ended up in a cow graveyard for some footage to visualize the story of his experiences as a child, definitely a first!

The other three, as well as a couple from Peru will also make appearances soon!

Just for the fun of it, I’ll include my three random things seeing as it’s been a while since I last posted.

1. Being in Dublin means being closer to the rest of Europe which hopefully means I’ll get to see more of it by the end of my year here! The first trip isn’t anyplace new, but it’s one I love, Ashley and I will be traveling to London next week for a few days to see a show or two and hunt down as much Christmas as we can find!

2. I’m slowly compiling my list of necessary food items Dublin edition, so look forward to that! Depending on how London goes, maybe I’ll even include a list from there 🙂

3. The crocheting bug is coming on again, something about fall just makes me NEED to crochet or knit. Currently I’m working on loom knitting a pair of socks that I got for Christmas last year, it’s taking forever but it’s a great companion while watching through Doctor Who again to educate Ashely before I drag her to the theater to see the 50th anniversary in three weeks!


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